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HEEPF Definition
The Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund (HEEPF) is a part of the loan agreement, loan number 4658 EGT, dated April 2002, between the ARE and IBRD, to support and Finance priority areas of the strategic plan of the higher Education Enhancement Project (HEEP). The amount of the loan allocated for HEEPF Grants equal to 12,000,000 USD.

HEEPF Priority Consideration
Faculty/Staff and Leadership Development Project (FLDP).
Information and Communication Technology Project (ICTP).
Quality Assurance and Accreditation Project (QAAP).
Faculty of Education Project (FOEP).
Egyptian Technical Colleges Project (ETCP).
HEEPF General Goal.

Is to support improvements in the quality, relevance & efficiency of higher education at Egyptian public universities and higher education institutions.

HEEPF Procedures
Are based on cooperation and competition among participating departments, faculties and universities/ higher education institutions. Nomination of HEEPFC and HEEPF- Director was according to the ministerial Decree No.1413, dated September, 26 2003.

HEEPF Specific Objectives

  • Support the creation or upgrade of the quality of academic programs.
  • Forge stronger links between the university and non-university institutions with business and industry.
  • Skills/professional development upgrading among faculty members through short courses and targeted training.
  • Collaboration with industry and/or non-university institutes to promote on-the-job training, work-study programs, and other initiatives which foster closer ties with the workplace.
  • Upgrade for the quality and relevance of teaching as well as technical services.
  • Support the creation of knowledge resources.
  • Support Institutional management effectiveness.

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